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At our firm, we believe the most important goal of our website is to enhance our ability to serve our clients. One way we accomplish that is by offering a unique service to you—NetClient.

NetClient is a secure means for you to communicate with us, and for us to transact business. NetClient allows you to work and access information when it is convenient for you.


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Client Portal Private & Secure Portals for your Convenience

In today’s busy, competitive environment, we at Gershon Biegeleisen & Co. understand that you are often working well beyond traditional business hours, leaving little time for anything else.

As your trusted tax and financial advisor, we are always looking for ways to make your job easier, which is why we offer the convenience of private web portals. Using the same secure technology as online banking, portals enable you to instantly access our services and your data directly from our website. You simply log in to your personalized client portal using a secure ID and password. It really is just that easy!


Enjoy the Convenientce of Online Services & Simplify your Worklife

Private client portals provide an easy way for you to access your financial documents, transfer data, and exchange information with us on a 24/7 basis. Depending on your needs, we will customize your portal to offer the tools you require. Listed below are a few of the available portal options.

Document Presentation

Access your tax returns and financial statements online

File Exchange

send and receive QuickBooks files with our staff easily and securely

Account Aggregation

Pull your account information from over 1,500 financial institutions into your private portal offering a complete, comprehensive picture of your personal finances.

Client Bookkeeping Solution® ASP

An online version of our bookkeeping software to streamline your bookkeeping tasks which we can access for you at any time

Security - For your Peace of Mind

When you use NetClient CS, you can be assured that your software and data are in the most secure location available - a Class-IV, IBM-certified data center. The data center takes every precaution to guarantee the safety and integrity of your data. Built-in redundancy with automatic failover to a mirrored facility continuously ensures the availability of the environment under even the most extreme circumstances.

For more complete details of the security, view our Security Fact Sheet.

Security - For your Peace of Mind

This is a service provided at no charge to our clients!

Most likely, you already conduct a great deal of business online, so why not take your financials there as well?

With 24/7 access to your documents, you can conveniently have access to your tax returns, financial statements, and other data. If interested, please contact us.

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